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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Solapur

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Is your wisdom tooth troubling you? Now, you can have a painless wisdom tooth removal in Solapur at Sivgunde Dental Clinic.

Wisdom tooth is one tooth that doesn’t really have any function in our mouth, but might be a reason for tremendous pain during its eruption.

What is a wisdom tooth?

A wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt in our entire life. It is the 8th tooth in each jaw.

Being the last one of the lot, the wisdom tooth sometimes faces space crisis while eruption. So, it tends the push the adjacent tooth which in turn causes inflammation and pocket formation. Food particles gets attached into these pockets. These causes infection which leads to the tremendous pain felt by you.

What to do if my wisdom tooth is troubling me?

The best and permanent way to treat a wisdom tooth is to get rid of it. Being the last tooth of the arch and the last to erupt, none of our function is actually enhanced by it. If it is not painful, then there is no harm in keeping it. But, once it starts to pain, the best way out is to get rid of it.

The worst thing about wisdom tooth is, it not just affects its own place in the arch, but also affects the tooth adjacent to it. It tends to create a pocket between the adjacent tooth and itself which leads to severe damage of the tooth. So, the wisdom tooth should be removed at the earliest, once detected.

Is removal of a wisdom tooth painful?

Wisdom tooth removal is done under anaesthesia and we make sure that the anaesthesia is sufficient to relieve you of even a minimum amount of pain while removing it. Sometimes, we even go for a general anaesthesia if we feel that would be better. The choice is solely upon the surgeon who will examine you and take a call on which process will be best for you. While the surgery, you can be assured of a painless procedure. Post operation pain is sometimes a trouble which is enhanced by unsterilized operation theatre. We maintain a highly sterilised environment to prevent any kind of post operative complications for our patients. So, while getting your treatment at Shivgunde Dental Clinic, pain is the last thing you should worry about.

Is removing a wisdom tooth a surgical procedure?

Removal of wisdom tooth is not always a surgical procedure. Before starting the procedures, X-rays are taken to determine the placement of your teeth. If it is placed deep inside the bone, a small surgery might be needed to take it out.

We are well equipped and out staff well trained. Our motto has always been to satisfy our patients. This quality of us has gained us a loyal clientele over the years. So if the end of your jaw is hurting or you can feel a tooth trying to erupt and causing pain, without wasting any more time book an appointment with us and get yourself treated by our eminent dental surgeons.