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Tooth Colored Filling in Solapur

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Tooth Coloured Filling

Have a cavity on your tooth? Want a tooth coloured filling for it? You can now get a tooth coloured filling in Solapur at Shivgunde Dental Clinic.

Earlier, by fillings, we only meant those silver fillings. Silver fillings are the most primitive and mostly used filling material till date. But, with the recent advancements of dentistry, you can now get your tooth filled by a tooth coloured filling. At Shivgunde Dental Clinis, we only use tooth coloured fillings to fill up any cavity.

Is a tooth coloured filling better than a silver filling? If so, how?

The tooth coloured fillings are better than the silver fillings in many aspects. The first being its strength and longevity. The newly improved tooth coloured fillings are stronger and have a higher longevity than silver fillings. The tooth coloured has biocompatible properties that relieves pain, soothes the gum and gives a natural look to the teeth. This is one main reason why we only use tooth colored fillings in our clinic. The silver filling material sometimes used to cause pigmentation in the oral mucosa. But the tooth coloured fillings, being bio compatible, has no such adverse effects. Last, but not the least, the most important factor being its aesthetic importance. A tooth coloured filling can camouflage with the tooth and look just like natural tooth. No one can even distinguish between the filled part and the natural part. Your filled tooth will look exactly like the rest of your natural teeth.

What is the cost for a tooth coloured filling?

Tooth coloured fillings are costlier than silver fillings. But is totally worth it. Tooth coloured fillings are available in many varieties. Depending upon the filling material used and the size of the cavity, the price varies. To know more you can just visit us at Shivgunde Dental clinic.

At Shivgunde Dental Clinic, we do not compromise on the treatment quality. we use all the latest dental materials and have all the latest equipment to deliver our patients with the best dental treatment in the most comfortable way and at an affordable price.

So, if you are having a dental cavity and you are looking for a clinic where you can get a tooth colored filling for yourself, book an appointment with us at Shivgunde dental clinic, one of the best dental clinics in Solapur. We will be very happy to serve you.