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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Solapur

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Full mouth reconstruction, rehabilitation and restoration are terms often used interchangeably to describe the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.

What is a full mouth rehabilitation?

As the name suggests, full mouth rehabilitation is to correct all the dental problems at one go. It includes all the dental procedures required to cure every dental ailment you are facing and provide you with a perfect set of teeth and gums. It is a planned procedure to restore a healthy oral cavity with a perfect set of teeth and healthy gums.

When you visit us at Shivgunde Dental Clinic, our dental surgeons will thoroughly examine your oral cavity and let you know the problems you are having and their respective treatment. Then we will plan the procedures accordingly whatever is required in order to restore a completely healthy set of teeth and gums.

What is the cost for a full mouth rehabilitation procedure?

The cost for a full mouth rehabilitation is case dependent. It varies from person to person. Every person presents with different dental problems which require specific dental procedures to cure. To know more about the exact cost for your treatment, you will have to visit us at Shivgunde Dental Clinic.

Is full mouth rehabilitation a successful procedure?

Full mouth rehabilitation is not just successful, but also cost effective. If the required procedures are done separately it generally costs more than if it is planned as a full mouth rehabilitation and done accordingly.

Any kind of dental trouble, feel free to contact us. Book an appointment with us and get treated by the best dental surgeons of the town. We, at Shivgunde Dental Clinic maintain a standard quality for all our dental treatments. We are at par with the international standards. With all the latest equipment and technical advancements in our clinic, we are one of the best multispecialty dental clinics in Solapur.