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Kids Dental Treatment in Solapur

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Pediatric Dentistry

Kids dental treatment is one of the hardest things to do. But for us, it is alike a cakewalk. Our staffs here are highly trained and are wonderful with kids. If you are looking for a place for your kid’s dental treatment in Solapur, you have found the right place. Shivgunde Dental Clinic has a wonderful comforting environment for kids and our staff here are very friendly.

We have noticed kids who were anxious in the beginning are actually happy to be treated by us now.

What treatment procedures for kids are available at Shivgunde Dental Clinic?

We do each and every dental treatment related to kids. Starting from filling to extraction to pulpectomy to orthodontic treatments, we perform every treatment that can be done for a child. If your kid has any sort of dental problem, without any second thought, bring him/her to us. We assure you the best treatment for your child at an affordable rate by our highly trained professionals.

Is a kid dental treatment time consuming?

The treatment time period depends on the procedure that needs to be done. The time might vary from a few minutes to a multiple appointments over months. If your kid needs a filling, it will be done in 10 mins, whereas if he/she needs some orthodontic treatment it might take months to years.

Why are children more prone to dental problems as compared to adults?

Children are more prone to dental problems because of their food habit and their reluctance to maintain oral hygiene. In general, children tend to eat more junk food which are a very good food source for the oral bacteria. When these food particles stick to the tooth surface, the oral bacteria acts on it and causes damage which leads to formation of caries and other dental problems. A kid must brush twice daily in a proper manner and should clean his/her mouth after every meal. It is a very tough job to make your child do so on a regular basis. This is the main reason behind children being more prone to dental problems as compared to adults.

If you are a resident of Solapur, then Shivgunde Dental Clinic is the best multispecialty dental clinic to visit. Be it any dental problem, our professionals are highly skilled to treat them with efficiency and at a very reasonable rate. Shivgunde Dental Clinic is the one stop solution for all your dental problems.