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Bad Breath Treatment in Solapur

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Bad Breath

Nothing can be more embarrassing than knowing you smell bad while you speak. Why deal with it anymore when we are right there to treat you? Shivgunde Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Solapur to provide bad breath treatment to our patients.

Bad breath or halitosis is a very common problem and in general we just try to hide it. Some of us, we try to brush many times or use a mouth wash to get rid of the problem. But alas, that disappoints us.

The reason behind it is that these are all temporary measures. Bad breath can be caused by many factors. It might be just be due to poor oral hygiene to being some underlying systemic disease. For example, people with some systemic disease such a diabetes or sinusitis, tend to have bad breath. Likewise there are many other diseases that can lead to bad breath problem.

To find the solution, we need to identify the problem behind it. And to identify the problem, you need to visit us at Shivgunde Dental Clinic so that our dental surgeons can thoroughly examine you and find out the reason behind your bad breath problem.

No matter what the problem is, we have the solution for it.

Bad breath is treated by an oral prophylaxis. Oral prophylaxis, commonly known as scaling, is a dental procedure that involves professional cleaning of your teeth and gums in order to keep it healthy.

Bad breath occurs due to improper oral hygiene caused by bacteria acting on the food remnants when you do not clean your mouth properly after each meal.

While performing an oral prophylaxis, we clean your teeth and gums completely which clears off all the stains and calculus formed and thus you get rid of your bad breath problem.

Once you do a treatment, you do not have to worry about speaking in public. You do not have to cover your mouth anymore while talking. You can be your confident self with a high self esteem.

Bad breath is nothing to be ashamed of. It just needs to be treated. Its high time you stop hiding it and visit us at Shivgunde Dental Clinic to get it treated.

Is a bad breath treatment costly?

Oral prophylaxis is a regular dental procedure and is not costly. To know more about it, you can just walk into our clinic or call us and ask for the required details.

We intend to serve you with our best of treatments. Any kind of dental problems, we are always there to solve it for you. You just need to reach us. Once you visit us, you are our responsibility. We will do our best to satisfy you.